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What is Jamison Private Wealth Management's (JWM) investment philosophy?

We are long-term, fundamental investors. We do not believe in timing the market (when investors buy and sell stocks based on expected price fluctuations). JWM shares the same approach as Warren Buffet when it comes to investing and, as a result, we continue to meet/exceed our clients' goals.

What is JWM's process?

  • Our initial meeting is to set goals and objectives with each individual client
  • We conduct a deep analysis of the assets, liabilities, and cash flow to create a sound and highly effective financial plan
  • Next step is to propose the asset allocation and security selection to meet the long term plan for our client
  • JWM continuously monitors assets on a long-term basis and makes necessary adjustments in order to maximize results

How are we compensated?

JWM does not charge any management fees on cash/money market/cds/treasuries. We charge a percentage of assets under our management structure.

Who has custody of our clients' assets?

Charles Schwab serves as JWM's custodian of each of our client's assets.

What does it mean to be a Fiduciary and how does that set JWM apart from many of its competitors?

A Fiduciary is an individual who is ethically bound to act in another person's best interest. This obligation eliminates any conflict of interest concerns and ensures that our advice is trustworthy. Unlike traditional brokerage firms that are able to recommend products that are more “suitable” to the investor, we MUST recommend what is most suitable for each of our clients. It also means that we:

  • Place our clients' best interests above all else and seek the most competitive prices and terms on their behalf
  • Act in good faith, remain transparent and provide all relevant facts always
  • Avoid all conflicts of interest and provide full disclosure of any potentials conflicts of interest to our clients
  • Ensure the advice we provide is thorough, accurate and customized in order to achieve each of our client's long-term goals
  • Avoid using a client's assets to benefit our firm

How accessible are the wealth management professionals at JWM?

Our clients know that if they need to speak with us at night or over the weekend, we are committed to being responsive.