Careful & Attentive
We're long-term, fundamental investors, that select individual securities on a client-by-client basis to meet each client's precise needs. We do not believe in timing the market and, as a result, we continue to meet and exceed our clients' goals.

"It pays to be patient, and to own successful companies."

Peter Lynch

We listen.

In our experience, the best advisors listen more. By listening to your goals, preferences, and concerns, we are able to best serve you - our client. Whether we're first getting to know you or you'd like to reach us in the evening or on the weekend, we're always here to listen.

We invest in-house.

By selecting and managing your investments ourselves, we can truly tailor an investment plan to suit your needs. This helps us lower portfolio turnover which gives securities time to grow, lowers your costs by eliminating third-party management fees, and minimizes income taxes by taking advantage of favorable, long-term tax rates, so you can preserve more of your wealth.

We think long-term.

We're not only long-term buy-and-hold investors. We also run our practice for the long term.

In three decades of conservatively managing clients' money, we've developed a discipline and a partnership that will be here for our clients and their successors for decades to come.


Our services include:
  • Defined benefit & pension plan investing, 401k and IRA investing
  • Investment management
  • Portfolio monitoring
  • Specialized investment services
  • Retirement needs analysis and planning
  • Business needs analysis and planning
  • Education funding
  • Tax planning
  • Charitable giving
  • Estate planning

We communicate regularly with and make ourselves available to our clients:

  • Monthly custodial reporting
  • Market commentary via client letters
  • On-call access to a JPW partner

If we're not reachable by phone, we will return your call within 24 hours.