Clients deserve to know exactly what they're paying for their investment services, and we make that easy with a simple, fee-only arrangement.


JPW is legally and ethically bound to the fiduciary standard, requiring us to always act in the best interest of our clients and above our own in order to eliminate any conflict of interest concerns.


All of our principals are CFP® professionals, several members of the JPW team hold CPA licenses, and others have pursued graduate-level business studies. All team members are committed to lifelong, continuing education in industry knowledge.


With a succession plan in place since 2004, our clients know they will work with the same team for years to come and receive the same careful investment approach, individual attention, and high level of service.


  • Set goals and understand objectives at an initial meeting with each individual client
  • Conduct a deep analysis of client assets, liabilities, and cash flow to create a sound and highly effective financial plan
  • Meeting of the investment committee to determine asset allocation and security selection
  • Present proposal of long-term financial and investment plan to our client
  • Continuously monitor assets on long-term basis and make adjustments to maximize results as necessary

"It pays to be patient, and to own successful companies."

Peter Lynch


We're long-term, fundamental investors, selecting that select individual securities on a client-by-client basis to meet each client's precise needs. We do not believe in timing the market and, as a result, we continue to meet and exceed our clients' goals.

We listen.

In our experience, the best advisors listen more. By listening to your goals, preferences, and concerns, we are able to best serve you - our client. Whether we're first getting to know you or you'd like to reach us in the evening or on the weekend, we're always here to listen.

We invest in-house.

By selecting and managing your investments ourselves, we can truly tailor an investment plan to suit your needs. This helps us lower portfolio turnover which gives securities time to grow, lowers your costs by eliminating third-party management fees, and minimizes income taxes by taking advantage of favorable, long-term tax rates, so you can preserve more of your wealth.

We think long-term.

We're not only long-term buy-and-hold investors. We also run our practice for the long term.

In three decades of conservatively managing clients' money, we've developed a discipline and a partnership that will be here for our clients and their successors for decades to come.